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So we have all heard of Facebook and we all know that everyone who is anyone is on it, including your potential customers, but how do you go about interacting with them on your business’ Facebook page? Below are a few do’s and dont’s of marketing your business on Facebook. 


DO follow the 70/30 rule – 70% of your posts should be social interactions to stimulate, amuse and entertain whilst the othert 30% of your posts can be for promoting, selling or showing off your products or services. Over doing the selling part will result in people leaving your page, never t return. DONT sell yourself or your products on every other post as your followers will tire very quickly and once they do, your page likes will plummet.

Respond to messages/posts/comments within 24hrs – if one of your followers takes the time to interact with your business page, do them the courtesy of offering a prompt reply if one is warranted. Even if posts are negative, acknowledge them publicly and try and resolve the issue privately. No response, be it to positive or negative posts will leave you looking lazy and uninterested. DONT ignore your followers ever, even if they are losers. Your attitude and responses will be seen by all and handling comments quickly and professionally will turn a bad comment into a positive.

Short and sweet posts – posts of 60 characters or less get2/3 better response rates in the form of likes and comments. People are lazy and long posts turn them off. Keep it short and to the point and people may well read to the end and action what they have just read. DONT ramble on because nobody like it…stop.

Organic growth – build your followers up naturally by including links to your page in your emails, blog posts, website etc. As they say, build it and they will come. Fill your FB page with great content that people will want to read AND will want to come back for more. DONT buy likes because they will do you no good at all. Fake likes don’t engage with your content and when FB sees this it will assume that either you bought a load of fake likes, or your posts are really, really, really boring. You may have 10,000,000 likes, but really you loose either way.

Limit yourself – Unless there are special reasons to posts, limit your posts to a maximum 3-4 times a week and make sure each should really be there. If you over post or worse, over post things people are not interested in you will loose followers as fast as your posts go up. DONT post every time a thought comes into your head. Why did you unlike the last few FB pages? if you are like the 3/4 of other FB users it was because the page posted too much content…unfollow…

Simple really. Just think before you post.

Good luck and happy Facebooking