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No website is exactly the same, but to give you an idea of what is usually involved in the website development process, here is a rundown of how things work when you hire me as a freelance web designer to build your website.

01. Say Hi – Once you contact me, I will need to know the general requirements you have for your website, so I can decide if its something I can help out with and give you a ballpark figure of costs involved. If it is, and your budget and my costs align, I can then start to gather a few more details so I can give you a better idea what I can do, how long it may take and what it will cost to get the job done. Once we have discussed the details (email/phone/Skype) I would provide an email quote with everything we have discussed written down so we know exactly where we both stand in terms of deliverables, timeframes and costs.

02. Brief, research and planning

Assuming you are happy with the quote and want to proceed, I will send a deposit invoice of between 30-50% of the job to get things started.

Our initial discussions would have given me a good base for the website project brief, but you will need to provide further information in order for me to produce a website that properly meets your needs. I will give you some tips on writing a web design brief…it’s not that hard and really is worth spending the time to think about, as it will mean you end up with a much better website. Provide as much information as you can as a small idea or snippet of info can really help me in the design process. With the information you provided I can then get to work on researching, planning the structure of the website using wireframes.

03. Site design phase – no, there is no limit on design revisions

The design process takes me around a week and I’m usually in touch with a few extra questions and feedback on ideas that may arise. The result will be a .jpg design of the proposed homepage and one of the internal page(s). Many designers will specify a 3 rounds of change rule for this stage, charging extra hourly rates thereafter. This seems unfair to me so I don’t, and we keep going until we are both happy with the design of the website.

04. Site development and testing phase

Once the design has been signed-off, I then get started on the build of the site. This includes setting up your website hosting account, emails and linking to your domain name. I will need the text/image content for the site from you at the beginning of this stage.

Once the site is built, I will test it on various browsers and devices to ensure it displays properly (a responsive website) and everything works as it should. The process takes me around 1-2 weeks and the end result is a live website for you to view on your domain that is password protected from the public.

05. Sign-off and launch day – you’re online!

Once you have signed off on the website, I will send thru the final invoice for payment before making the site live to the public. You’re online!

06. Training, support, maintenance and updates

If the website is a WordPress website then I will also need to show you how to make updates to the content on your website. Its pretty easy but if you have any problems I’m available online to help out if needed. If you choose a static site then updates are made by me at an hourly rate. Just email me your changes and I will make the updates ASAP.

The whole process usually takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on the site requirements. You will be involved along the way and kept up to date on where things are. You will also need to do a little work yourself in the form of creating a website brief, creating website content and providing feedback on design and functionality. It will all be worth it once you have an awesome website to promote your business 🙂

For more info, or to discuss your website project, get in touch today!