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You have a new awesome website and as part of your hosting account with me, you can have your own emails set up such as or

I will provide you with the email address, password and name servers, which you can then use to access your emails via the web or your own email program.



With webmail,  you can access it via any web browser by just adding /webmail onto the end of your domain, so, for example or This is particularly handy if you are unable to use your own phone/laptop.

Once you access the webpage at, you will then see your webmail login screen where you need to enter your email address & password.

Once you are logged in, you can choose which program you want to use. I recommend RoundCube, but you can select any of them & use the one you prefer.


Your own email program

You will probably want to set your emails up on your laptop and phone for easy access. Each email program is slightly different in terms of configuration, but the following information is usually required to set up a new email account.

To setup an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook

1. Select Tools and then Email Accounts…When the Wizard starts, select Add a new e-mail account and click Next to continue
2. Select POP3 and then click Next again
3. Here you’ll need to enter your name, email address, user name, password and mail server info.
4. Select the Outgoing Server tab and place a check in the box labelled My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Make sure that you use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected. This step may not be required by your ISP, yet, but more and more are making it a requirement. And even if it’s not required, it’s still a good idea. Click OK to return to the previous settings window.
5. Now click the Test Account Settings button.
6. If each of the fields have been filled in properly, you should get green check marks for each of the tasks. If any errors are reported, select the Errors tab for more information. Click Close and then back in the settings window click Next.
7. You are done! Click Finish and send a test email.

please note:
– Account logon username should be the full email address, not just the prefix before ‘@’, for example
– SMTP port is 25, some ISP (Internet Service Providers) may block port 25, in this case port 587 can be used.

To setup an e-mail in Mac Mail,
1) Open the Mac Mail application.
2) From the File menu, choose Add Account.
3) Fill in your full name as you like it to be displayed on outgoing emails, your email address, and your email password and then click ‘Continue’. 4) On the next page you will have to select your Incoming Mail Server.
Account Type: You can select POP or IMAP
Incoming Mail Server:
Username: Your email address
Password: Your email address password
and click ‘Continue’.
5) When the Incoming Mail Security screen appears, uncheck for Use Secure Socket Layer and click ‘Continue’.
6) On the next page you will have to add details of our Outgoing Mail Server.
Outgoing Mail Server: and check the checkbox for ‘Use only this server’.   
Check the box for ‘Use Authentication’
Username: Your email address
Password: Your email address password
and click ‘Continue’.
7) When the Outgoing Mail Security screen appears, uncheck for Use Secure Socket Layer and click ‘Continue’.
8) View the account summary and click Create. Ticking the Take my account online checkbox will ensure that your account is activated immediately.