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So, you have your new website made by an awesome freelancer web designer, you have your blog activated and you are ready to start making some posts to engage your clients and attract potential customers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a rather cool online tools to help you get your blog posts spiced up with some customised, real world screenshot placement.

PlaceIt allows you to upload your own images or video (of your site/product/you/anything) which are then placed into real world photos or videos of various people with laptops/phones/tablets. Get your media placed into professionally taken photos without having to set up your own mini photography studio or buy a decent camera. There are a few free PlaceIt images to use and the others are pretty cheap at $8 (or free if you follow the free licensing rules).

Its very easy to use and takes just a few minutes to get a great looking shot of your website in use in the real world.

For another great tool for image creation for your blog, check out how to create and infographic for your blog.


This is one of the free images that had the website placed on using the “screen grab from URL” facility, which means you just input your website URL and the PlaceIt software does the rest. Save the results and use in your blog.

placeit 2

This one also uses the screen grab function and as you can see it grabs the mobile version of your website (if there is one) when Place’ingIt onto mobile.