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More and more small business websites are using WordPress as a base platform, so that site owners can update content or post to a blog via a CMS without the need to hire a web designer. With this, comes the need for them to be able to edit photos and simple graphics to use on their website. Luckily there are a stack of awesome free online image editing tools (no software download needed) out there which will be perfect for the job. Below is a rundown of a few of the best online editors you should check out.

Pixlr (popular)

For a free online image editor, Pixlr is probably one of the best available (and most popular) and should be your first stop if you are looking for something to start editing your images online for free. Pixlr quite a few functions you would find in the pro/expensive/awesome Photoshop. The Pixlr layout is intuitive, allows a customizable window with resizeable and moveable menus and even has some of the same shortcuts keys as Photoshop. The Editor version has a wealth of tools available which should be more than enough for creating graphics and editing images to use on your website or blog. Pixlr has three different tools for editing images depending on your needs. You can use the more advanced Pixlr editor , the more efficient Pixlr  express, or the just for fun Pixlr-o-matic.

Photoshop Express

It’s free and it’s online, and requires no registration, so it’s never going to compare to a full Photoshop desktop version, but for simple photo editing it provides a decent set of tools to make your images ready to blog to the world. It includes all the basic tools you wold need to manipulate your photos, create basic graphics and export the image for use on the web. It includes features such as crop, resize, red-eye, touch up, exposure and saturation to get your images just right and it also has a range of ready to go image effects that can be applied in seconds.

Splash Up

Splashup is a simple online image editor that will provide you with just enough tools to edit your images and create simple graphics without the extra stuff you don’t need. One cool feature is that you can import you photos directly to Splash Up from your online accounts such as Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket or Picasa, or just upload from your computer. The Splash Up interface looks pretty much like a minimal layout of Photoshop, just minus the extra tools, so is easy to use and quite intuitive.

If you prefer a free desktop image editor, rather than an online version then you can’t go wrong with GIMP.

Gimp (popular)

GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an open-source software that is almost as good (17 years after its initial release) as the king of image editors, Photoshop. The current version has made quite a few improvements and GIMP should keep on delivering the goods as it has a huge following and a dedicated team of people working on new an improved features. The program is rather tricky to get used to as it offers such a broad range of tools, but once you get the hang of it, it provides a really solid set of image editing tools for almost any requirements. If you do get stuck, there is a mass of info and support available from the online community so you are never alone!