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Creating a Facebook page for your business is pretty straight forward and although a Facebook page may not be for everyone, for many it offers a great way to stay connected with your clients an potential clients. Setting up your business FB page is completely free and it should be up and running in a matter on minutes. You will need to have a personal FB page already created (and be logged in) as a business FB page is run under your main personal account.

1. Create a Facebook Page

The 1st step is to head over to, where you can select from the following options that best fits your business:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organisation or Instituti
  • Brand or Produc
  • Artist, Band or Public Figur
  • Entertainmen
  • Cause or Community

Once you have chosen the type of page,  you can then select a category from the dropdowns. It is good to make sure that this matches your organisation as best as possible, as Facebook users are able to search for business’ by including this field. A correct categorisation will help improve your chances of being found so it’s worth getting right.

2. Now you need to fill in some basic Info

About – enter a description, a website URL and pick a Facebook URL
Profile picture – Upload a picture from your computer or enter a URL to select an image from
add to favourites – Select to add your page into your FB sidebar for easy access.
reach more people – Facebook want you to pay for advertising, but for now you should work on getting your page filled out with some more info and content. FB ads can be great, but probably not at this stage.

3. Add in more content

Add a great cover image, which should be 851px by 315px and may not include more than 20% text. (your web designer will be able to help out with creating the right size graphics for FB and other social media)

  • Your profile image size should be 180px by 180px
  • The info that appear in the summary box are specific to the category you chose for your page earlier. The About section under your profile image allows for you to insert around 155 characters which will be visible on your profile. Make sure to include your website address in here if you have one.

Once you have created your basic page you need to spend some time creating some interesting content for your followers . Add as much info about your company as you can, as the more you put in the more you will get back.

But remember that people get a lot of junk on Facebook and you will loose followers as quick as you get them if you put boring/spammy/irrelevant content into people feeds. Make posts that people will want to read/like/share and you will get much more out of your page.

Give you followers something they want, by thinking about why they are following you in the 1st place;

  • To stay informed
  • To be entertained
  • To part of a community
  • To get special offers
  • To learn

And remember, if someone posts a comment on your page make sure you respond so they know they are not talking to themselves!

4. Permissions and Settings

FB privacy settings are getting easier to manage, so you have the option of editing the various permissions of your page. Under “edit page > edit settings” you can control what users can post on your wall, who sees what, notifications, messaging and much more, so check each one and lock down or open up your page as required.

5. Get Connected

Now your page is ready for everyone to admire, you need to connect to the right people. There are many ways to get facebook likes but posting on your personal page and sharing with friends is a good start. Like other pages and get involved in like minded communities and the likes will soon follow. Create content that people want to see and your likes will increase. If things are going too slowly then you can always try some FB advertising which gives your posts and page a boost.

And with that, your new Facebook business page is created!