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If you are wasting hours at work posting office selfies on Facebook you might want to get a little more productive and get yourself some of the best apps for small business. Get back into work mode and make up for all the time you just wasted getting to level 167 on Candycrush. Here are a few essential, and mostly free, small business apps that I use daily;

Evernote – Evernote remember everything…. store, organize and share text, photos and voice notes until after you get to level 200 of Candycrush. With over 100,000,000 users you know it’s something worth checking out. Get your ideas into Evernote before you lose your line of thought and your next big money making idea.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a pretty awesome cloud storage and file sharing services. Upload files, share links to documents and sync between devices and laptops. 2BG Free and more offered if you refer friends (+250MB upto 16GB). Ideal for accessing files on the go and when travelling as you can sync your phone/laptop without them even being in the same country.

Google Drive – It’s Dropbox + the ability to create spreadsheets and documents that you can then collaborate on with others. Free 15GB (*shared with your Gmail account)

LinkedIn – Networking works. LinkedIn works. Get the app and start networking.

Square – Accept credit card payments on your smartphone with a plug and play card reader. Easy set up, no commitments and reasonable 2.75% a time transaction costs.

Asana – No more annoyingly huge email thread for group communications. Asana is designed to centre team communication and collaboration around tasks.

Mailchimp – The best mailing list service allows you to manage your lists, add new subscribers, send campaigns, and view your reports right from your smartphone.

Hootsuite – HootSuite is a free app that allows you to monitor, converse with and track your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts all from your mobile device.

1passowrd – You probably have a zillion passwords associated with your business, so instead of writing them all down, try this cool app that remembers them all for you (securely).

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